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Bronze Leaf Brides

As every girl knows, your wedding day is one of those special days when you want to look perfect. You will have hair trials, make-up trials, dress fittings, nail polish colour confirmed and every preparation complete to look and feel amazing for that special day. Having gone to such time and effort to create the ultimate model image, the one thing you do not want to get wrong is your tan. Bronze Leaf has only brown tones in its' innovative formula, therefore it photographs beautifully and you can be assured that you will look like you took a week off to the sunny Mediterranean prior to the big day! Many brides who want to be tanned for [...]

Tips For Maintaining Healthy Skin Through Winter

Showering and bathing: Hot showers and baths actually pull moisture from the skin; turn down the dial to warm. Moisturise More: Out of the shower, moisturise within 3 minutes to lock in the moisture Give Your Hands a Hand: The skin on your hands is thinner than on most parts of the body and has fewer oil glands. That means it's harder to keep your hands moist, give a little hand cream. Water, water, water….. If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times: Drinking water helps your skin stay looking young and hydrated, are they fine lines or de-hydration lines? Use an SPF.  Sunscreen should be applied all year round to provide a protective [...]

Great news! The 2-6 hour tanning revolution has arrived

This revolutionary new rapid tanning product takes just 2-6 hours to develop, and allows you to control the depth of your tan by choosing for yourself when to shower it off. Showering times to achieve your desired colour: Light - Shower at 2 hours Medium - Shower at 4 hours Dark - Shower at 6 hours Now you can choose your colour! Remember all Bronze Leaf products contain the finest exotic organic botanical extracts and deep moisturisers which can help tone and firm the skin whilst developing a naturally sunkissed glow. After you've showered, the active tanning agent (DHA) is still working on your skin and will take 12 - 24 hours to develop your full chosen [...]

Bronze Leaf Selected as Tanning Sponsor for Miss Northern Ireland 2015!

We are delighted to be the tanning sponsor for this year's Miss Northern Ireland contest.  Our Salons throughout Northern Ireland are prepped and ready to prepare the beautiful participants with a Bronze Leaf glow ahead of each heat. The Miss Northern Ireland Contest 2015 Heats schedule is available on this link: Bronze Leaf will be present at the first and final heats with goodies for each of the gorgeous ladies who reach the final!  We will also be on hand to provide hints and tips for the best bronze glow with information on each of the stockists of our salon only brand. It is our pleasure to announce that courtesy of Bronze Leaf, the winner of [...]

Bronze Leaf, the tan for pregnant ladies

The self-tanning agents, and all other ingredients used in Bronze Leaf products, are not dangerous for use with clients who are either pregnant or lactating, as a skin application. The tanning solution does not penetrate past the dead skin cell surface layer, nor into live tissues or the blood stream, so it is safe to use. The active ingredient in Bronze Leaf is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is a type of organic sugar. It is non-toxic, and works by interacting with the protein of the skin cells in the top layer of your skin where the cells are dead, resulting in the production of a brown pigment called melanoidin. It is therefore safe for you to use Bronze [...]

The Bronze Leaf Winter Collection

Introducing Bronze Leaf, a premium range of tanning products sold exclusively via salons. Our entire collection is developed with a special organic formula, enriched with deep moisturisers and free from paraben and alcohol, ensuring a streak- free, soft finish. Like all Bronze Leaf products, this exclusive Winter Collection is only available to Bronze Leaf salon stockists. So this Christmas you can be sure that you are offering your client’s something really special, which isn’t available on any high street. This limited edition collection includes; a cosmetic bag, containing our distinctive Mineral Bronzer, a tanning mitt and a choice of our skin-toning Tanning Mist Original or Tanning Mist Dark. This fantastic package offers you over £50/ €60 worth [...]

Bronze Leaf is born

A specialist in cosmetic sales, Dublin-born Karen Mills knows a thing or two about the industry and in particular the world of spray tans. Having travelled widely for the past decade selling other peoples’ brands, Karen discovered a unique self-tan in the USA and fell in love with its superior formula. Karen loved it so much in fact, that she brought it back to Ireland and Bronze Leaf was born. Enriched with deep moisturisers and lavishly exotic botanical extracts to help tone and firm the skin, Bronze Leaf helps fight cellulite whilst developing a naturally youthful, sun-kissed glow. And word is spreading amongst salon owners. Consumers love the tan, and demand has been phenomenal, with new salons [...]