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Before Application




  • Lightly exfoilate your skin. This is best done 24hrs before your tan is applied; pay particular attention to your heels, knees & elbows
  • Ensure that you don’t wax or shave in the 24hrs before your tan
  • Remove all jewellery, perfume and make up before your tan is applied



After Application

rockDon’t shower for at least 6hrs or shave for 12hrs (unless you’re using the 2-6 hour tanning revolution product.)

  • Moisture daily to prolong your colour.
  • Use a pumice stone to gently remove excess colour from unwanted areas like the soles of your feet or palms.
  • Avoid exfoliators or toners for at least 24hrs. Spray tan is NOT a substitute for sunscreen.
  • Remember that the active ingredient (DHA) in the tan takes 12- 24 hours to fully develop your beautiful sunkissed colour.